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A Sister's All You Need. Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki, Vol. Classroom of the Elite Vol. Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation, Vol. Elders recount their own romantic trials in their youth and, like most elders, lament the passage of time and corruption of younger generations. Their stories tap into domains of classical anthropological studies, such as kinship practices, burial ceremonies, tribal dances, and sexual practices. Similarly, sexual learning through familial ties has not vanished. Rather, the ssenga or paternal aunt role, has been transformed into the public sphere in the guise of advice columnists and consultants.

To understand risk, youth engage with new forms of information, such as discos, the media, and social spaces. They interface frequently with public health campaigns, although these act as moral admonitions against sex, rather than as sources of information.

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Risk is understood and reconstructed as a shifting and nebulous concept, which youth must translate into their own romantic behavior. One chapter is dedicated to an in-depth case study of legislation surrounding statutory rape. In , Uganda increased the age of consent to 18 years and made violation of this a criminal, rather than civil, offence.

The final chapters of the book delve into the details of youth romance through love letters, the most distinguishing and novel component of the book. A fieldwork revelation turned into the systematic collection of hundreds of letters from young men and women. They are analyzed for content and structure and as social practices.

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Youth are treated as their own agents, capable of making tough choices, rather than simply adults coming of age. The letter writers strategically use language to communicate desire, set themselves apart, and reflect knowledge of romance and cultural mores. They use go-betweens to deliver the letter in coded ways, to protect both the writer and recipient from prying eyes and the pain of rejection. Gendered dynamics are teased apart in terms of desire, fear, and repercussions of romance as being vastly different for young men and women. The letters complete the analytic counterpublic of youth romance, showing the struggle between dominant romance narratives and truly innovative ways of communicating.

The sheer number of letters allows for a heterogeneity of youth creativity by including both typical and atypical exemplars in successful and not-so-successful courtships. One shortcoming of Regulating Romance is its translation into the digital age. The massive amounts of data were collected in waves between and , with the letters being gathered in and Will love letters withstand the transition to texting, Facebook, and other short forms of messaging?

One section of text touches on the possible transformations of communication and suggests that the act of writing and transmitting letters through intermediaries will remain significant.

Given the global explosion of cellphones and Internet connectivity, it seems more likely that the letter will transform to a new medium and include new rules and etiquette instead. A theory-rich and ethnographically stunning text, Regulating Romance crosses domains of medical anthropology.