Aquaman Vol. 3: Throne of Atlantis (Aquaman Series)

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It is also just a good example of a realistic version of what would happen with a high stakes problem in comic books. On top of all of this, it is also a continuation of everything that has been going on in Aquaman so far and also launches him into a new position that could allow for some really interesting future stories.

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The only think preventing this story from being as great as it should be are a few odd character choices which actually end up taking away from an otherwise amazing story. Many times the stakes are pretty high in comic books, but the main hero is somehow always able to deal with it.

In the same vain, the Avengers rarely ever seem to show up in the countless times when Spiderman is in danger. However every now and then it is feels nice to see the writers acknowledge that sometimes events actually do get too big for one hero.

Aquaman Vol.3 - Throne of Atlantis

This was sometime positive to see in this smaller event and is what contributes to the event working, despite the focus clearly being on Aquaman over the rest of the Justice League. The best part of this book is how well it flows out of everything established in the Aquaman universe prior to this. Johns has put a lot of work into building up the characters here in order to get the reader to connect with them thus making the universe here feel more authentic. This payoff happens here as numerous events throughout this volume either test what the reader knows about characters or sharply reveal more about them.

Vulko coming out as a traitor and Orm being imprisoned were fantastic moments and were an absolute trip to experience. The worst part encountered when reading this book would have to be the way conflict is manufactured through misunderstandings or illogical reasoning.

Most of this flows from Orm in one way or another. However, things go downhill from here as Aquaman and the Justice League come to blows for unrealistic reasons. Value 1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars.

Review: Aquaman Vol. 3- Throne of Atlantis

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