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The late Princess of Wales was known to be a bit of a rebellious person who defied royal expectations that she disagreed with.

She definitely was not the type of sit still and do what she was told. He does the first thing that comes into his head. When Princess Diana went through some rough years with her husband cheating on her, both William and Harry were there for their mother.

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William knew that his mother often locked herself away to cry, so he would slide some tissues under the door for her. Meanwhile, Harry was known to lash out and scream at his father.

Princess Diana, unfortunately, passed away in , when both William and Harry were merely teenagers. They were both close to their mother, so her death affected them a lot. Back on Voyager , Janeway and Chakotay walk down a corridor towards sickbay. Chakotay announces to the captain that the crew has been able to poke some holes in the tachyon grid, but Voyager is too big to go through. Janeway asks if a shuttle could, but Chakotay doubts it. Even if it could, a powerful Taresian vessel patrols the other side.

Upon entering sickbay, The Doctor meets with the captain and first officer in his office to inform them that he discovered something about Kim's Taresian DNA: it was implanted, possibly by a retrovirus.

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The Doctor confirms that Kim is fully Human but warns them that the alien DNA from is beginning to alter his genetic structure; in a few days he will be indistinguishable from a Taresian. The Doctor reviewed the transporter biofilter logs and found that the alien DNA made its first appearance on stardate Chakotay remembers that was the date of the away mission on the planet where Vorillium was found.

The Taresian's whole story was a lie but Janeway wonders why the Taresians would go to so much trouble to lure Kim to their planet. Meanwhile, on Taresia, Kim is led to his quarters by Eliann. She tells him to lie on his bed and relax. She asks if he understands the Taresian word. She asks him to close his eyes while she applies " the essence of rikka flowers " to Kim, something very soothing.

Kim kisses Eliann and promptly falls asleep. However, Kim begins experiencing some more strange dreams, of Taresian women welcoming him home, of Janeway and Chakotay on Voyager 's bridge, telling him how lucky they've been to have him and how special he has been all his life. His mother appears and tells him he knows where his real home is.

Suddenly, Eliann appears and asks him to stay with her as they begin to kiss passionately. Doubt begins to creep up on Kim after waking up to two very "interested" Taresian females, Eliann and Rinna.

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They try to reassure him but their attempts to do so instead make him outright suspicious. Kim ties up Eliann and knocks out Rinna so he can escape. Kim makes it to Taymon's quarters to try to free him as well. When he enters, he finds Taymon's corpse in bed.

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One of Taymon's wives, Malia , enters the quarters and Kim overpowers her. He learns what The Doctor discovered and that the Taresian reproductive process is deadly to the male, meaning that more males have to be repeatedly harvested from space due to the high female population. Taymon's other two wives enter the quarters. Kim throws Malia at them to continue his escape and they all fall onto Taymon's bed. Voyager finally finds a way to get inside the polaron grid and beams Kim up as he is surrounded by more Taresian women who try to forcibly have him joined, armed with their staffs.

When Voyager leaves the system, a Taresian ship fires at Voyager when three Nasari ships appear and also fire at Voyager and the Taresian ship. The Nasari later concentrate their fire on the Taresian ship allowing Voyager to leave. Kim meets with Neelix and Lieutenant Paris at the mess hall where he tells the Talaxian the story of Odysseus and the call of the sirens, a tale strikingly similar to the situation he just found himself in.

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Andrew also joined the navy - but his career garnered far more attention than that of his big brother's. As a helicopter pilot at 22 Andrew was sent to fight in the Falkland Conflict and on his return he was greeted by the Queen as his ship pulled into the harbour. Katie Nicholl said: "He came back a hero and was very much the golden boy of the royal family. Charles is said to be pushing for a slimmed down monarchy - while Andrew was criticised for using his privilege as a royal for his own entertainment.

Katie Nicholl said: "Andrew became known in the media as 'Airmiles Andy' and would use the royal helicopter not for royal engagements but to go and play golf in Scotland. Dickie Arbiter, the Queen's former press secretary, added: "Charles was of the view that if you want to play around you do it separately from the family and you pay for it yourself.

In Prince Andrew stepped down from his position as UK trade envoy following criticism over his friendship with a controversial American billionaire. But one of the toughest blows to Prince Andrew's position in the royal family came when it emerged that his daughter's, Prince Beatrix and Eugenie's, security detail would no longer be paid from from the civil purse.

Ken Wharfe, Princess Diana's former protection officer, said: "The protection of the royal family runs into millions of pounds, which is paid for by the tax payer. Then, there was a cutting moment when, on the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in , only six members of the royal family appeared on the balcony at Buckingham Palace.

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Katie Nicholl added: "Andrew wants to be a part of those appearances and it's certainly lead to a fall out. In December that year Andrew took the extremely unusual step of releasing a statement to the press insisting there was no feud between the brothers.

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It said: "There is no truth to the story that there could be a split between the Prince of Wales and I. Royal commentator Victoria Arbiter added: "The Queen has had no scandal during her reign and Charles doesn't want to be the one to see that fine work crumble so he needs to surround himself with people who aren't going to cause him any problems.

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