Harry Potter Places Book Three--Snitch-Seeking in Southern England and Wales

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The London Times. Brendan Murphy.

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Brendan is co-founder of improvised theatre company The One Hour Plays and a member of the award-winning short-form group BattleActs! He has written and performed three solo comedy shows and regularly performs musical comedy with Kiell Smith-Bynoe as The Crooners. Delme trained at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts. He then completed his training with an MA in Acting from East Since then he has embraced all manner of silliness on stage and screen.

On screen he has made regular appearances in the commercial sector, playing everything from an eager new father to a giant, bumbling topiary. Jesse is an actor and theatre-maker.

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Phil is a composer, sound-designer and sound-artist. Many of his projects combine these disciplines. Hanna worked as Associate Director on The 39 Steps for three years, which involved directing West End casts, the regional tour and new productions in Israel, Italy, and Australia. Hanna is an associate of The Wrestling School. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, tota assum repudiandae pro ex, ne virtute habemus mea. Duo ad tamquam argumentum. Odio detracto his at, viderer explicari cu duo. Minim salutandi an per, vis ex augue copiosae insolens.

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Harry Potter Places Book Three Snitch Seeking in Southern England and Wales

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Iriure labores interpretaris et nam, porro consetetur mea ne. James was born and raised in Doncaster, England. He is a proud Hufflepuff and dedicates his performance to his friends and family who continually support him in following his dreams. Jeff started working with Dan way back in At the end of their journey, the car failed, causing the boys to crash-land into the Whomping Willow. They were nearly killed when the tree shook, and the car jettisoned them and took off into the Forbidden Forest , where it remained.

The writing on the wall and the petrified form of Mrs Norris. Ron's wand was damaged in the crash, causing him problems for the entire school year. Malfoy's disdain towards Muggle-borns led Ron, Harry, and Hermione to suspect that he was the Heir of Slytherin who opened the Chamber of Secrets that year, unleashing a " monster " that began to attack Muggle-born students.

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To investigate this theory, Hermione brewed Polyjuice Potion which greatly surprised Ron in that she was so overtly breaking the rules. When the time came to use the potion, Ron was made to impersonate Vincent Crabbe , and Harry impersonated Gregory Goyle , while Hermione's transformation was unsuccessful because she mistook hair from Millicent Bulstrode 's cat for her own. Ron and Harry realised that Malfoy was not the Heir of Slytherin.

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Ron and Harry were both greatly upset when Hermione became another victim of the "monster," ending up petrified in the Hospital Wing, though she left her friends a clue that led them to deduce that the monster was a basilisk. Ron showed incredible bravery during the course of their investigation by venturing into the Forbidden Forest to an Acromantula den led by Aragog , in spite of his extreme fear of spiders.

They learned Rubeus Hagrid had nothing to do with opening the chamber, but when Aragog tried to make a meal of them, they narrowly escaped thanks to the magic that had engulfed the Flying Ford Anglia. When he and Harry learned that Ginny Ron's younger sister was dying in the Chamber of Secrets, they raced to save her, planning to give their information to Professor Gilderoy Lockhart. When the pair discovered that the professor was attempting to flee, they drew their wands on him and forced him to join them as they ventured into the Chamber of Secrets.

Shortly after Ron, Harry, and Lockhart entered the Chamber, Lockhart attempted to wipe their memories in order to get out of the Chamber and take credit for their efforts in a bid for fame. Unfortunately for him, he used Ron's damaged wand, and the spell backfired, causing permanent amnesia in Lockhart. Ron was left behind to tend to Lockhart, as Harry delved deeper into the Chamber, saving Ginny and defeating Salazar Slytherin's basilisk. Ron was honoured with a Special Award for Services to the School , as well as earning two hundred House points for Gryffindor for his work concerning re-sealing the Chamber of Secrets.

Ron and his family used the money to travel to Egypt to visit Ron's eldest brother, Bill. They met on the last day of the summer, when Ron and his family visited Diagon Alley with Harry and Hermione and took up rooms in the Leaky Cauldron in preparation for catching the Hogwarts Express. Harry found the twins hiding, enchanting the badge to say " Big Head Boy ". Penelope thus hid herself outside the frame so nobody could see her splotched nose.

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This was done under the assumption that Harry was being targeted by Black. Upon starting the term, the third years began taking new lessons. Ron and Harry had chosen Divination and Care of Magical Creatures , while Hermione decided to take every possible class offered and began to exhibit strange behaviour that neither Ron nor Harry could figure out. Ron's first Care of Magical Creatures was a disaster. Ron, Harry, and Hermione at Hogsmeade. On Hallowe'en, Ron and Hermione went on their first Hogsmeade trip.

Ron riding Harry's Firebolt for the first time on the Hogwarts Quidditch pitch. He screamed, and Black fled.

This incident made Ron famous among the other students, but he came back down to Earth when Hagrid scolded him and Harry about their treatment of Hermione, who Hagrid told them was in over her head with all of her classes and the work she was doing for Buckbeak. Shocked, the pair patched things up with her a few days later, when they received a letter from Hagrid saying that Buckbeak had been sentenced to execution. With exams coming up, the trio set about studying and attempting to help Hagrid with Buckbeak's appeal. The appeal took place on the last day of their exams.

Helping the sobbing Hagrid make tea, Hermione found Scabbers hiding inside a milk jar. Sirius Black captures Ron and drags him to the Whomping Willow. Before they made it back there, Scabbers began to squirm in Ron's hands and escaped. He looked up to see a large black dog bearing down upon him. Sirius ambushed Harry and Hermione, disarming them when they entered the room where Ron was being held hostage.