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Writing to her while on tour, Armstrong referred to their forthcoming arrival as "my little Satchmo" and declared himself "so proud". I prey sic to God every day for that moment," he wrote, signing off as "Your future husband". He never did leave his wife, who later dismissed claims that the baby was his, claiming that he was not capable of fathering children.

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But Armstrong continued to see Miss Preston and fund her and her daughter. A letter to her in , in which he referred to himself as the girl's "Daddy Satchmo", told of his promise to continue to support her financially. All she have to do is finish high school and that's where I step in. As long as Ol' Satchmo lives, her happiness is assured. If I die, she will be straight just the same," Armstrong wrote. Ms Preston-Folta, of Sarasota, Florida, claimed that her parents' affair had ended in , when she heard them arguing in a hotel in New Jersey, after her mother demanded to know when they would be getting married.

The following year, Armstrong wrote to her mother: "Sharon may not realise now what I mean to her and [am] doing for her. That's sincerity and from the heart. The best way to transfer money overseas. Terms and Conditions. His love of life and his music were there at every turn. He thrills and inspires us like no one else in jazz history. The freshness he played with back then remains innovative today. Photo credit for Home Page: Louis Armstrong, Photo courtesy songbook1.

Skip to main content. Leave this field blank. Program :. Louis Armstrong, King Oliver. Photo courtesy Red Hot Jazz. Buddy Bolden photo in public domain. Lorenzo Tio. Pennies From Heaven movie poster. Image courtesy Wikimedia.

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Louis Armstrong and Joe Glaser. Trumpeter Nicholas Payton. Photo courtesy of the artist. Song titles: 1. Tiger Rag. In the late s, large bands were falling out of favor, deemed too expensive to maintain. Armstrong formed a six-piece group called Louis Armstrong and the All-Stars. Not everyone enjoyed Armstrong's somewhat "hammy" brand of entertainment.

Many from the younger generation considered him a relic of the Old South and found his mugging and eye-rolling racially offensive. He was not taken seriously by young up-and-coming jazz musicians. Armstrong, however, saw his role as more than that of a musician: he was an entertainer. Armstrong made 11 more movies in the s. He toured Japan and Africa with the All-Stars and recorded his first singles. Armstrong faced criticism in for speaking out against racial discrimination during the episode in Little Rock, Arkansas, in which black students were heckled by whites while attempting to enter a newly integrated school.

Some radio stations even refused to play his music. The controversy faded after President Dwight Eisenhower sent federal troops to Little Rock to facilitate integration. On tour in Italy in , Armstrong suffered a massive heart attack. After a week in the hospital, he flew back home. Despite warnings from physicians, Armstrong returned to a busy schedule of live performances. After playing five decades without a No.

The popular song knocked the Beatles from the top spot they had held for 14 consecutive weeks. By the late s, Armstrong was still able to perform, despite kidney and heart problems. In the spring of , he suffered another heart attack. Unable to recover, Armstrong died July 6, , at age More than 25, mourners visited the body of Louis Armstrong as it lay in state and his funeral was televised nationally.

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Table of Contents Expand. Early Life. Working on the Streets. The Colored Waif's Home. Becoming a Musician. Leaving New Orleans. Earns a Reputation.

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The Great Depression. Big Changes. Louis and the All-Stars. Continued Success and Controversy. Later Years and Death.

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In , after 18 months at the Colored Waif's Home, Armstrong returned home to his mother. Armstrong quit the band in and returned to New Orleans. He and Daisy divorced that year.

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